High frequency RF resonant power inverter for induction heating in an adiabatic specific absortion rate measurement setup

Arturo Mediano, Universidad de Zaragoza
E. Natividad, Universidad de Zaragoza
C. J. Borrell, Universidad de Zaragoza
I. Andreu, Universidad de Zaragoza
M. Castro, Universidad de Zaragoza


In some biomedical applications as magnetic fluid hyperthermia or heat-assisted drug release, magnetic nanoparticles are subjected to an alternating magnetic field and dissipate heat. In these applications, the quantification of the specific absortion rate (SAR) of the nanoparticles, that is the heat dissipated per mass unit of magnetic material upon ac-field application, is of paramount importance to understand and evaluate the heating efficiency of the technique under study. A novel and patented setup [1] was described in [2] which allows measuring the SAR in function of the field amplitude, frequency and temperature in adiabatic conditions. In that setup, the generated heat is entirely invested in the sample temperature raise, allowing accurate SAR measurements. This paper describes the RF power electronic system used in that setup: coil, resonant capacitor bank and the RF power amplifier.