Gadolinium-doped magnetite nanoparticles from a single-source precursor

F. J. Douglas, University of Glasgow
D. A. MacLaren, University of Glasgow
N. Maclean, University of Glasgow
I. Andreu, Universidad de Zaragoza
F. J. Kettles, University of Glasgow
F. Tuna, The University of Manchester
C. C. Berry, University of Glasgow
M. Castro, Universidad de Zaragoza
M. Murrie, University of Glasgow


An iron and gadolinium-containing bimetallic polynuclear complex was used as a single source precursor in the synthesis of gadolinium-doped magnetite nanoparticles (Gd:Fe3O4). The synthesis produces well defined octahedral particles (12.6 ± 2.6 nm diameter) with a gadolinium content in the region of 2 mol%. The nanoparticles showed a value of the specific absorption rate of 3.7 ± 0.6 W gFe-1 under low-amplitude radiofrequency magnetic field excitation, and moderate biocompatibility, suggesting that these particles are viable candidates for magnetic hyperthermia applications.