The Effective Thermal Conductivity of Various Forms of Urea-Formaldehyde Foam

Harold N. Knickle, University of Rhode Island
Vikram Kalthod, University of Rhode Island


The thermal conductance of vertical panels was measured using the Guarded Hot Box Method in order to compare various forms of urea-formaldehyde foam used to fill the cavities of the panels. These forms included preshrunk and fitted, foamed in place, and shredded and blown. Age studies were performed on the panels with the urea- formaldehyde which was foamed in place. The conductance increased with time for these panels because of shrinkage and cracking of the foam. The panels with the shredded foam showed an increase of conductance as the density of the material decreased. Preshrunk panels that were smaller than the cavity showed the thermal conductance of the panel is dependent upon the placement of the foam. Polyethylene wrapped, preshrunk foam and shredded and blown foam showed excellent thermal insulation characteristics. © 1982, Sage Publications. All rights reserved.