Innovative hydrocavitation technology process to create composite fuels

Harold N. Knickle, University of Rhode Island
Oleg Kravchenko, Podgorny Institute
Suvorova Iryna, Podgorny Institute
Igor Baranov, Podgorny Institute


A discussion on the pump-homogenizer-cavitator-reactor (PHCR) process, an innovative hydrocavitation technology process for the creation and effective burning of composite liquid fuels containing biomass, coal, coal residues, crude oil processing residues, and other combustible material, covers the devices used in PHCR process, i.e., rotor-pulsation disperser, rotor cavitator, and recesses-type cavitator; various experiments to determine fuel combustion quality; and the hydro-vortex fuel injector. This is an abstract of a paper presented at the 2012 AIChE Spring Meeting and 8th Global Congress on Process Safety (Houston, TX 4/1-5/2012).