Thermoelectric power factor of In2O3:Pd nanocomposite films

Otto J. Gregory, University of Rhode Island
Matin Amani, University of Rhode Island
Gustave C. Fralick, NASA Glenn Research Center


A nanocomposite exhibiting large thermoelectric powers and capable of operating at temperatures as high as 1100 C in air was fabricated by embedding palladium nanoparticles into an indium oxide matrix via co-sputtering from metal and ceramic targets. Combinatorial chemistry techniques were used to systematically investigate the effect of palladium content in these nanocomposite films on thermoelectric response. Based on these rapid screening experiments, the thermoelectric properties of the most promising nanocomposites were evaluated as a function of post-deposition heat treatment at high temperatures. An n-type nanocomposite film was developed exhibiting a power factor of 4.5×10-4 W/mK2 at 1000 °C in air. © 2011 American Institute of Physics.