John H. Chafee


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The original tape has been copied onto a surrogate digital video cassette. The duplicate cassette copy contains all the material recorded on the originals which may include extraneous content such as advertisements, public service announcements, background noise, and background voices that were inadvertently recorded when the tape machine was left on. The windows media file was edited so that only the subject matter, as indicated on the title, was retained.


Tape 72 Trade, Chafee Floor Statement, July 10, 1987 edited version The tape contains footage of Senator Chafee delivering a floor statement regarding his amendment to the Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act, S. 1420. Chafee also speaks out against comments made by Senator Wendell Ford of Kentucky concerning Rhode Island and the tobacco issue. Included is Senator Ford’s rebuttal. The tape is 7:13 . original includes: The tape also includes statements from other senators regarding various issues which are not on the edited copy. This portion of the tape is approximately 23:00 .

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