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Nov 10, 2011; If anyone would like to join I AM U or would like to share a goal that you would like to see I AM U work on please contact Marquel Wright. He has been CCed on this email; The 3G Diversity Summit is Thursday Mem Union Rm 318 from 7-10. Please join us and bring your appetite and a friend. Food and refreshments will be served; Joe Santiago; The Summit is free and I am just hoping for a head count from people coming. The big picture of the Summit is seeking to bring students together from multiple Universities to create collaboration across student groups in the area. I am also hoping to attempt revive the I Am U group on campus here. I have included more info about the I Am U group as an attachment. Ideally I hope to identify key students who would like facilitate this with assistance. I want to reach out to students, faculty, and staff to cast the widest net possible. If anyone would like to help in anyway please drop me an email; Joseph Santiago; The summit is designed to accomplish 3 goals.

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The 3G Summit sought to bring students together from multiple Universities to create collaboration across diversity groups in the New England area. The I Am U URI group put a call out to new members to work across Universities on collaborative goals.

The summit was designed to accomplish 3 goals. Get people from multiple Universities to come together and talk about their experiences. Brainstorm things that everyone wants to work on. Establish contact information and ways to work together.

This Summit was sponsored by HRL and the GLBT Center. Audio from this event can be streamed directly from this page.

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