Relationship development process in brand community: From the consumer-consumer-company triad perspective

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Ths study investigates the deteminants of consumer loyalty in the context of brand communities and proposed an empirical model of consumer loyalty toward vimal communities. We consider two perspectives of consumer loyalty development process: communication between consumer and company, and communication among consumers. In particular, we empirically examine the dynamic impacts of network-based characteristics on consumer loyalty by assessing the effects of connectivity, closeness, centrality, and density of the virtual network. Ths study provides a set of measurements characterizing network propehes, whch enables us to overcome the limited implication of network dynamics inherited in the conventional mathematical approach. Field practitioners should be able to use the resulting outputs by deployng proper design strategy. A st~ucturael quation modeling approach will be used to test the proposed model.

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17th Americas Conference on Information Systems 2011, AMCIS 2011



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