Configuring value with service-dominant logic: The case of Marine Informatics technology

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The purpose of this paper is to provide a theoretical framework for Maritime Informatics from a serviceoriented ecosystem view. We propose to go beyond the traditional service provider-user dyad view to provide a richer understanding of Maritime Informatics using a case study. Relying upon the Service-Dominant (S-D) logic framework, this paper presents how this service-oriented ecosystem view helps multiple stakeholders configure value by integrating dispersed data and information in the context of enavigation. The S-D dominant logic provides insights to investigate network-oriented, informationoriented, or experience-oriented service ecosystem with Maritime Informatics. We apply the Service-Dominant logic to analyze a case study of Korean initiatives on e-navigation for enhancing our understanding of Maritime Informatics.

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AMCIS 2016: Surfing the IT Innovation Wave - 22nd Americas Conference on Information Systems

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