Developing a reference model for analyzing mobile platform business: From an ecosystem view

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A mobile platform is a value network system playing a role as an intermediary that mediates two- or multi-sided stakeholders. It is based on complex inter-firm cooperative relationships for value creation. In this research, we analyze mobile platform business models. Using e3-value, an ontological modeling approach, this study proposes a reference model to examine the value architecture of mobile platform business. We adopted the e3-value approach to identify the value activities and exchanges in a mobile value network. The model is further adapted to analyze two leading mobile platform ecosystems; Apple's iOS and Google's Android. Drawing upon a comparison between the two competitive real-world business cases, we identified the key factors that make a platform ecosystem competitive and collaborative. Our framework sheds light on the aspects of co-creation and co-evolution of a mobile platform business.

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AMCIS 2016: Surfing the IT Innovation Wave - 22nd Americas Conference on Information Systems

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