The impact of the amount of available information on decision delay: The role of common features

Anish Nagpal, Department of Management and Marketing
Adwait Khare, College of Business
Tilottama Chowdhury, Quinnipiac University
Lauren I. Labrecque, Northern Illinois University
Ameet Pandit, Newcastle Business School


In two studies, we show that features shared by products (common features) do not cancel out during the decision-making process but in fact are consequential as they decrease desire for delay in decision making. In study 1, we show that as the amount of available information about product features increases, decision delay decreases in spite of the additional information being identical across the products. Further, we also find that this effect is partially mediated by information adequacy. In study 2, we show that despite the overall difficulty of making decisions under avoidance-avoidance versus approach-approach conflict, an increase in common features decreases decision delay under both conflict conditions. © 2010 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.