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This paper aims to summarize the technology perspectives and innovative scenarios applied in the Amazon region. A call for papers for the Special Issue yielded four accepted articles that serve as the source for the summary. All these articles focus on specific cases in the Legal Amazon region and provide empirical evidence supported by theories and relevant literature. All the articles emphasized the need for investment in the form of networks for development and innovation. A descriptive, qualitative approach using the bibliometric software WordStat 8® identified the words most frequently used in the four papers included this special issue. The most relevant terms identified were: network, innovation, firms, production, research and development. In total, these articles point to varied partners and institutions necessary for building networks to further development and innovation. This Special Issue is a first step to building a knowledge base focused on the Amazon region that is missing in the academic literature. Future contributions must build and expand the discussion of empirical cases and reflect different disciplines that contribute to industries, policies, society and networks. This is necessary to improve innovation and economic development of this important region.

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