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Master of Community Planning

First Advisor

Farhad Atash


The following paper is an urban design study of Downtown Attleboro, Massachusetts. The study includes community and housing profiles to provide the reader with an overall understanding of the City and Downtown, an analysis of existing Downtown conditions, and recommendations based on the analysis of existing conditions to improve the urban design of Downtown.

The condition of downtown has recently become an issue of growing concern. Research indicates that suburbanites are frustrated with the inconveniences and greater issues associated with low-density development. Traffic, parking, a poor pedestrian landscape, separated land uses, housing prices, and a lack of community have motivated many to reside, work, shop, and recreate in urban areas.

As this trend has been occurring in Massachusetts since the mid-1990s, and as Attleboro residents rate downtown improvement as a high-priority issue, there appears to be a crucial need for improvement in the City's downtown. This paper addresses the urban design issues in Downtown Attleboro.