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Annual statistics for the National Center for Education Statistics Academic Libraries survey for FY2015, compiled by Michael C. Vocino.

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A report generated from the online subscription service ACRLMetrics. The report contains FY2015 data as submitted by the University of Rhode Island Libraries for the ACRL Annual Survey, which as of 2015 was integrated with the IPEDS survey. The data here are those that were provided to URI's Office of Institutional Research for submission to NCES. Also included are supplementary files: the data in spreadsheet format and the 2015-2016 IPEDS survey form.

IPEDS survey from ACRL FY15 data.xlsx (10 kB)
FY15 IPEDS Academic Libraries survey data, Excel file

IPEDS package_15_103.pdf (290 kB)
IPEDS Academic Libraries survey form and instructions from website for FY15 data