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Annual IPEDS academic libraries survey data for FY2014 compiled by Andrée J. Rathemacher.

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The main document posted here is a PDF of a spreadsheet containing data for the Academic Libraries section of the annual IPEDS survey, as well as the methodology for collecting that data. The document contains FY2014 data as submitted by the University of Rhode Island Libraries to the Office of Institutional Research in FY15.

Supplemental files consist of the spreadsheet in Excel format and a PDF printout of the blank form and survey instructions from the IPEDS website.

IPEDS FY2014 stats as submitted by Rathemacher to Boden 2014-09-11.xlsx (28 kB)
FY14 IPEDS Academic Libraries survey data, Excel file

IPEDS Survey Material form and instructions for FY2014 data.pdf (359 kB)
IPEDS Academic Libraries survey form and instructions from website for FY14 data