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This report lists the total amounts invoiced to the University of Rhode Island Libraries by the bibliographic utility Lyrasis (formerly NELINET) during the fiscal year ending June 30, 2010.

Costs are broken down by invoice date and category and include all library locations (RIN, RIU, and RIX). Each charge appears three times next to each invoice number, once for each location. We pay three fixed monthly fees for each location: one for cataloging (FIX1002), one for interlibrary loan (FIX4500), and one for access (FIX6600). The access fee covers all activities that are listed on the report as costing $0.00. Included as a supplemental file is a list of OCLC codes for reference.

Total Lyrasis expenditures for FY10 were $170,120.21.

A breakdown of selected expenditures is as follows:
Fixed monthly cataloging subscription, all locations -- $34,663.68
Fixed monthly interlibrary loan subscription, all locations -- $19,363.56
Fixed monthly access subscription, all locations -- $16,304.88
NELINET membership, unlimited -- $15,386.00
Cataloging credits -- ($395.22)
ILL borrowing fees -- $11,424.90
ILL credits -- ($1,125.62)

Lyrasis Product Usage FY10 URI.xlsx (79 kB)
Lyrasis Product Usage and Costs FY10 spreadsheet

OCLC Product Codes FY10.pdf (22 kB)
OCLC Product Codes FY10