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Annual Report of the Acquisitions Unit, University Libraries, University of Rhode Island for FY13. Covers personnel, work flow, special projects, and serial, monograph, and e-resource acquisitions. Supplemental files include data on library materials expenditures by a number of variables as well as important working documents from the year.

Acquisitions Unit Annual Report 2012-2013 statistical supplement for UPLOAD.xlsx (176 kB)
Acquisitions Annual Report 2012-2013 statistical supplement Excel spreadsheet

2013-06-28 Acquisitions Budget Report FISCAL CLOSE.pdf (735 kB)
FY13 fiscal close report from Sierra library system

HELIN 2012-2013 URI Reconciliation FINAL.xlsx (39 kB)
HELIN FY13 database reconciliation

2013 EBSCO renewal and sub changes.xlsx (58 kB)
EBSCO renewal and other subscription changes 2013

Reference Drop-Adds 2012-2013 (May 2012).docx (13 kB)
FY13 Reference Database drop-adds

Acquisitions Unit Productivity Statistics 2012-2013 FINAL.xlsx (18 kB)
Acquisitions Unit productivity statistics 2012-2013

HELIN Institutions' Collection Statistics FY12 to FY13-MRS final.pdf (821 kB)
FY13 HELIN Consortium comparative collection statistics, gathered by Martha Rice Sanders