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The review that follows was performed with the objective of contributing to the development, methodology and evaluation analysis of developing antimicrobial textiles for long duration space flight (LDSF) of which there has been little study. This is of much importance as the study of microbiomes in space travel is still limited and there are no mechanisms available for efficiently washing clothes during space travel. The current launch costs for space travel are high (approx. $10,000 per pound) so the weight of clothes needs to be carefully allocated for at least three years of travel to mars. This study is a comprehensive literature review and each chapter discusses antimicrobial textiles that has application in many fields like medical, military, sports and a some in space. The risks pertaining to the use of antimicrobial textiles and their effect on humans are also identified in this review. This study will help in finding a way to use antimicrobial textiles in space to minimize the need for washing garments. Garments in space are worn for longer and only fewer garments are taken on a mission due to the lack of laundry capabilities. Antimicrobial textiles in medical, military, sports and space-travel use are compared and summarized for uses and functions in this study.