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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)



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Frank M. Pelton


This is not a course of study , and it is not intended as a directive which tells teachers what they should teach in their day by day routine in the classroom. It is designed as a resource for teachers and others who wish to develop mathematics materials and to work effectively for and with their pupils . It must be acceptable in both theory and practice if it is to be used in the secondary schools of North Kingstown.

Much thought has been given to the problems of teachers and the types of materials needed to solve some of these problems . They seem to be more in the field of how t o teach than what to teach . Teachers seem to be faced with such continuing problems as providing for a wide range of differences in pupils within a group, handling large groups, overcoming the handicap of inadequate materials, and applying their knowledge of the learning process to the education of children.

This guide to the development of curriculum materials in arithmetic and mathematics provides a flexible framework of content and procedures . The nature and meaning of arithmetic and mathematics as an essential part of every day life are stressed in many ways within the reach of each pupil and within each section of the manual. There are included many suggestions as to the inter-relationship of the skills , abilities, and competencies of arithmetic and mathematics with other subjects of the curriculum.

As teachers use this manual to give direction and provide suggestions in the building of arithmetic and mathematics curricular materials to meet the needs of pupils, they will find certain areas of emphasis projected for careful consideration. The skills, abilities, and competencies of arithmetic and more advanced mathematics are necessary to the total development of pupils . The place of drill in, learning , the use of the textbook in teaching, the principles for evaluation, and many other aspects of teaching have been included. It may well be said that this manual is designed in organization and content to aid teachers in the preparation of curricular materials that will help pupils in the daily use of skills, abilities, and competencies in the field of both arithmetic and mathematics in general .

No time limits have been specified for teaching of various phases of the subject, thus allowing for greater flexibility on the part of the teachers. The intent here has been to guide the teacher into the requirements of the various courses. Such standard courses as General Mathematics , First- Course Algebra , Plane and Solid Geometry, Second- Course Algebra, and Trigonometry have been included in this study and will be found in detail within this manual.



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