Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Community Planning (MCP)


Community Planning and Area Development

First Advisor

Howard H. Foster, Jr.


The purpose of this project was to evaluate the practical use of videography as a tool in the planning profession. The research involved a literature search for appropriate research in the field of videography. There are abundant sources available when methods used in the craft are considered. Case studies of the use of videotape, technical primers on videography, writing and script development manuals are readily available. Historical records of the evolution of videography, are at a premium, though some of the general works about the medium integrate an historical perspective.

The project consists of two major components, this written work and a videotape presentation entitled, "There's a Planner in Your Life". The videotape was developed as a model for the production of a video with a planning theme to illustrate to the planning profession that it can be done.

The written work is divided into four chapters. The first will explore the videotape medium, the technology available and some case histories of the use of the medium in other professions. The second chapter, evaluates planners perspectives on the use of the videotape medium as a tool in the profession. The source of the data used here, was a survey of American Planning Association members who are also Certified Planners (A.I.C.P.). The third chapter presents the ways and means of accessing the capacity to integrate the videotape medium as a planning tool via cable franchises. A survey of members of the New England Cable Television Association in Massachusetts and Rhode Island is analyzed to determine attitudes of cablecasters toward planners and the planning profession. The fourth chapter reflects on some of the processes used by the author to mount a production of a videotape presentation.

A series of appendices are included to accomplish the following:

  • Provide an overview of the types videotape equipment used in the videotape produced as a part of this work.
  • Provide an annotated bibliography of current literature on methods and techniques of video production.
  • List the expenses of mounting a videotape production with community access cable as a resource.
  • Illustrate an actual script outline for a videotape.
  • Submit for review. The surveys used in gathering data to evaluate the opinions, attitudes and feelings of planners and cablecasters toward videography and planning.
  • Provide a model of a videotape for planners to stimulate interest in the medium as a planning tool

It is hoped that this work will lead to an increased awareness of the potential of videotape in the practice of planning. Further, the academic process dictates that research should stimulate further scholarly work to continue to refine processes which can contribute to the field. The author would encourage others to continue the process, just as this work continues the conceptual approach to integrate cinematography in planning espoused by Mr. Henry N. Skoburn in his thesis, "The Use of Cinematographic Techniques in the Communication of Planning and Planning Concepts" completed in 1975.

In the eleven years which have passed since Mr. Skoburn's work, the new electronic technology has been made available to the profession. The author submits, with the support of the respondents to the planner’s survey, that videotype is “on the cutting edge of the field now.” State-of-the-art planning will soon include videographic presentation techniques. Hopefully, "Planning in the Audio-Visual Age" will contribute by enlightening planners to: the potential for use; the availability of resources; and, the basic techniques of mounting a production.



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