Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Community Planning (MCP)


Community Planning and Area Development

First Advisor

Marcia Marker Feld


This project analyzed the secondary school discipline code for the Providence Publics Schools with respect to parent participation and involvement. The discipline code exists in three (3) versions: (1 ). a multi-page text, which is the Davies-Bricknell School Board Policy# 5144, e.g. the current code; (2) a summarized version of the current code and (3) a proposed code. The current code was originally approved in 1978 and has been revised over the past twenty years through the amendment process. The summary of the current code was crafted in 1987 and distributed system-wide as a "letter to parents ". The summary serves as an convenient reference for students and parents. In 1992, the Providence Superintendent of Schools and the President of the Providence Teachers Union agreed to establish the School Safety Committee, to address safety and security issues in the Providence Secondary Schools. In May, 1997, the School Safety Committee submitted a draft of a proposed code of behavior for Grades Six through Twelve to the Providence School Board for approval. The draft document is the proposed code referred to in this project.

Each version of the code was examined with respect to the passive and active involvement of parents. The examination included assessing the role of parents in the development, implementation and dissemination of the code. The analysis found that there is minimal passive involvement of parents in the implementation of the code and there is no active participation of parents in the development and dissemination of the code in each version. The analysis concludes with specific recommendations to the Providence School Department for involving parents through active participation in the three stages of the discipline code process. - development, implementation and dissemination.



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