Date of Award


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Master of Arts in Communication Studies


Communication Studies

First Advisor

Yinjiao Ye


The following study attempts to identify an independent music subculture within the Providence, Rhode Island scene. Specifically this study will seek to identify such a subculture related to the indie folk genre of music, as this is a popular genre within this area of interest. In order to identify this subculture, a series of interviews were conducted with indie folk musicians from the Providence area. These interviews sought to identify this subculture based on the four basic characteristics of subcultures as identified by Hodkinson, which include identification, commitment, consistent distinctiveness, and autonomy (as cited in Mattar, 2003). The results of these interviews did, in fact, demonstrate that such a scene exists based on these characteristics.

The second portion of this study sought to identify how the social-networking site, Facebook, might play a role within the identified indie folk subculture. In order to examine this, a survey was conducted with individuals who responded to targeted Facebook posts from individuals in Rhode Island. The results of these surveys demonstrates that Facebook does play a role in the indie folk community, specifically through the posting and sharing of media, the creation and sharing of events, and interaction through and on fan, band, and group pages.