Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Community Planning (MCP)


Community Planning

First Advisor

Marshall Feldman


This Greenway Plan has been prepared in response to increasing development pressure and a heightened local awareness of the need to conserve East Greenwich's open spaces, protect natural resources and water supplies, increase opportunities for passive outdoor recreation, and protect the town's historic rural and scenic characteristics. Changes are recommended to the Zoning Ordinance and the Development and Subdivision Review Regulations that will enhance the town's ability to preserve open space, including farms and ecologically significant corridors, and to incorporate interconnected trail networks between new subdivisions. Rapid changes to the town's character caused by residential growth have led to escalating public concern about the future of the community, the rising costs of community services, and the desire to preserve the town's natural and cultural resources. In light of these concerns and the town's recognition that protecting community resources is in everyone's best interest, it is the intent of this plan to propose means to circumvent the tragedy of the commons, by developing a strategy for the commons. Through initiative and planning for the protection of the town's undeveloped lands, this plan aims to ensure that future generations will benefit from and enjoy the same natural resources and scenic streetscapes residents do today.



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