Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Community Planning (MCP)


Community Planning

First Advisor

Farhad Atash


This research project proposes a plan for the redevelopment of the former Rocky Point Amusement Park in Warwick, Rhode Island. The study first details the park's history and cultural value to the people of Rhode Island. It then defines and evaluates the environmental setting of the study area. Geographic information system (GIS) mapping is used to evaluate environmental constraints to determine the parts of the study area precluded from development and those where development is appropriate. A site survey also evaluates existing conditions of the study area. The property is next evaluated through the perspective of land use regulations and political issues.

Options for the redevelopment of the study area, including exclusively open space; low- and high-density housing; and a mix of parkland, housing and commercial uses, are explored. A concept for the redevelopment of the study area into a mixed-use village is then presented. The plan includes an open space network and areas for commercial, residential and transit uses. The development attempts to retain much of the historical character of Rocky Point while meeting modern-day needs.

The final chapter of the project discusses implementation of the redevelopment plan. It estimates the impact of this plan, both to a developer and to the city. The fiscal impact includes taxes anticipated from the new development and public services for its residents. The cost of open space acquisition is estimated and the availability of funding resources is evaluated. Finally, the city's role in implementation is considered.



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