Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Community Planning (MCP)


Community Planning

First Advisor

Marjorie Jensen


This plan was commissioned by the Planning Department of the Town of Hopkinton, Rhode Island in 2004. Its purpose was to study the affordable housing situation in Hopkinton and make recommendations that would increase the quantity of affordable housing in the town through the introduction of new regulatory and planning policies.

If followed the plan would lead to the creation of: 1) a Mandatory lnclusionary Zoning Ordinance, 2) an Affordable Housing Foundation, 3) an Affordable Housing Trust Fund, 4) a policy of using local discretionary funds for affordable housing programs, 5) a commitment to contract a private non-profit housing organization to provide local housing referral, 6) a policy of increasing density bonuses for affordable units, 7) a commitment to consider implementing a "Historic Restoration Strategy for Village Infill", 8) Residential Incentive Zone Overlays and a policy of Conditional Rezoning, 9) a Linkage Ordinance, 10) a Demolition Delay Ordinance, 11) additional Local Historic Districts, or Neighborhood Conservation Districts, 12) a public affordability commitment policy, 13) a partnership with local banks to participate in affordable housing programs within the community, 14) an amendment to the Comprehensive Permit Ordinance to place all homes built using Comprehensive Permit under the building cap, 15) an Open Space Plan, 16) Open Space Plan Create Overlay Zones, 17) a Design Review Board, and 18) Slope and Elevation Protection Ordinances and Scenic Viewshed Protection Ordinances.



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