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Master of Science in Pharmacy Administration


Pharmacy Practice

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Norman A. Campbell


This paper reviews the relevant state statutes dealing with driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol on enforcement standards, which reveals some problems with the effectiveness of the drug provisions. In an effort to strengthen provisions in one state, the death certificates of 150 persons who died in motor vehicle accidents in the decade of the 1980s to date were reviewed to determine serum levels of any drugs revealed in the autopsy. These data have been analyzed in light of appropriate statutory prohibitions against driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The potential for driver impairment by drugs has not been recognized--as in the case of alcohol. Although, most state statutes concerning driving under the influence (DUI) include both alcohol and drugs, specific serum concentration standards have been developed only for alcohol. Concomitant drug use and the resulting driver impairment is detailed in the law, and the law does state drug use is causing impairment, but there are no levels for drug impairment to enforce. While this is recognized by some state legislatures, it is not enforced uniformly.