Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Kinesiology



First Advisor

Susan E. D’Andrea


Prosthetic abandonment is highly prevalent among upper extremity amputees (UEA), partly due to lack of engaging and motivating training to use their devices. Augmented reality (AR) systems can be used for rehabilitation, and are advantageous because they offer stimulating, goal-oriented experiences for participants to immerse themselves in while performing repetitive tasks to improve function. Thus, in this study, we investigated the effects of a novel AR prosthetic training game, and the transfer of skills to a functional performance assessment involving tasks of daily living. Thirty-two able-bodied participants, sixteen allocated to receive AR training and sixteen received no training, donned a bypass body-powered prosthetic device to engage in a functional task assessment, evaluated at two time points. The AR group used the bypass prosthesis to engage in the AR training game, ARm-Strong, on each of three training sessions. AR group participants completed a questionnaire at the end of the intervention to evaluate their feelings on the AR game.

Both the AR group and control group improved in their functional use of the bypass prosthesis similarly, although the AR group was faster to complete tasks overall. Individuals who engaged in the AR training felt positive feelings of engagement, engrossment, and immersion towards the application.

The results of this study support previous findings that AR training is an engaging and motivating experience, and motor learning is achieved through this type of training. Future implications of the results may benefit prosthesis users by enhancing user experience during prosthetic training and ultimately lead to adherence of their device.



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