Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics


Mechanical, Industrial and Systems Engineering

First Advisor

Carl-Ernst Rousseau

Second Advisor

Arun Shukla


This study investigates the effectiveness of composite material 1 in mitigating shock. In total, three composite plates were used throughout the study under two different experiments to determine the effectiveness of composite material 1. The first experiment was in-contact underwater explosions on two composite plates. One plate was with composite material 1 on the front and back faces and composite material 2 as the core, while plate 2 comprised of composite material 2. The displacement, shockwave pressure, and underwater bubble were all observed to see the impact of adding composite material 1 as a protective barrier to extreme loads. The second set of experiments were to determine how temperature affects the response of a plate only of composite material 1 when punctured at three different temperatures: arctic, room, and elevated.



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