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Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics


Mechanical, Industrial and Systems Engineering

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Carl-Ernst Rousseau


This study is an experimental investigation aimed at better understanding the effects of an in-contact underwater explosion (UNDEX) on a semi-rigid flat plate. The interaction between a generated bubble and the plate was also be investigated. These experiments were performed at the University of Rhode Island in the Dynamic Photomechanics Laboratory (DPML) for three different plates of thicknesses, 1/4",1/8”, and 1/16”. High-speed photography paired with digital image correlation (DIC) was used to capture full field displacements, velocities, and strains on the plate during the loading. Shockwave pressure was also recorded using pressure transducers situated at various locations. The results showed that the thickest plate experienced the least deformation and allowed the bubble to grow to a larger volume. The thinnest plate ruptured due the initial shock and as a result drastically changed the behavior of the bubble afterwards.

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