Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Pharmacology



First Advisor

John J. DeFeo


The relationship of thyroid and monoamine oxidase activity to locomotor responses was investigated. Locomotor activity was measured by use of actophotometers. Four mice were placed in the actophotometer and counts were recorded at specific time intervals up to two hours. The administration of thyroid, M0911, and combined thyroid and M0911 did not alter spontaneous activity significantly. Monoamine oxidase activity of brains and livers was measured in vitro using the Warburg apparatus. The elapsed time for tissue respiration was 28 minutes. Thyroid administration did not alter monoamine oxidase activity significantly in liver but brain activity was decreased. Therapy with M0911 decreased liver monoamine oxidase activity sharply and also depressed brain activity. Combined therapy with thyroid and M0911 decreased liver monoamine oxidase activity less effectively than M0911 alone. Brain monoamine oxidase activity was also depressed. No correlation was found to exist between monoamine oxidase activity and locomotor responses following thyroid, M0911, and combined thyroid and M09ll therapy.



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