Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Pharmacology



First Advisor

John J. DeFeo


Imidazole - 4, 5-di carboxylic acid, di -2-mcthylhydrazide (JNIVa), exemplary of several recently synthesized dihydrazides, was investigated for possible monoamine oxidase inhibiting properties. A significant alteration of systemic blood pressure, measured both directly and indirectly, was not evident during either single of resepated administration of JNIVa at los doses. Monoamine oxidase, as determined spectrophotometrically, was inhibited in vitro but not in vivo by this compound. The degree of enzyme inhibition was shown to be dependent upon preincubation time. Compound JNIVa was less effective in inhibiting monoamine oxidase in vitro than was phenelzine, a known inhibitor of monoamine oxidase both in vino and in vitro. When measured 1.0 hour and 2.5 hours after drug administration, phenelzine increased gross locomotor activity at both time intervals, whereas JNIVa significantly decreased spontaneous activity at the 1.0 hour time interval.