Date of Award


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Master of Arts in Geography



First Advisor

Lewis Alexander


This study investigates two New England estuaries of similar configuration. Population density, type of industrial activity, degree of sewage treatment, and species of shellfish are found to be important factors in the present degradation of these bays. Unless a minimum of secondary sewage treatment is practiced in Penobscot Bay, depuration is the only economical way of utilizing future soft-shell clam stocks. In Narragansett Bay the options are greater. Because of the water temperature and the availability of clean water, among other criteria, aquaculture, depuration, transplanting, and quahog seed hatcheries may be utilized. However, the bypasses in the Providence Sewage Treatment Plant must be reduced to the minimum before any of these options can be implemented in the Upper Bay.


There is no page 57 in this copy of the thesis. Pages were incorrectly numbered at the time it was written.



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