Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Pharmacology



First Advisor

John J. DeFeo


The significance of the 3, 4, 5-trimethoxyphenyl group in possible psychotropic compounds was investigated by pharmacological screening of the 3, 4, 5-trimethoxyphenyl anslegs of diphenhydramine and tripelemamine, and comparative studies of these trimethoxy derivatives with their parent compounds were conducted. The gross activity studies using the Actophotometer indicated enhancement of the depressant effect of tripelemamine and the depressant as well as the stimulatory effect of diphenhydramine. The results of the sleeping time test (potentiation of pentobarbital sleeping time) showed that the presence of the trimethoxy group decreased the potentiating effect of the parent compound. LD 50 studies indicated that the trimethoxy derivatives are less toxic than the parent compound. The preliminary behavioral studies (rolling roller and inclined plane tests) indicated that the C.N.S. activity of these compounds is other than on the cerebral cortex areas of the brain.