Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts in Psychology



First Advisor

Nelson F. Smith


This study examined user satisfaction with two computer based instruction (CBI) programs for smoking cessation, with three intervention sessions, and with several participant characteristics. Participant factors included gender, prior computer experience, stage in the behavioral change process, and reasons to smoke (Pros) and not to smoke (Cons). While the user satisfaction and computer experience data were collected for this study, the study was part of a bigger Cancer Prevention Research Consortium (CPRC) core study, which is the source of the other data. The two CBI smoking cessation programs were: (1) A transtheoretical model, stage of change matched, individualized, interactive program developed by the CPRC (the TTM condition); and (2) An action based, non-individualized, interactive program based on an American Lung Association model (the ALA condition). A cohort research design with delayed replication was used. Participants from four vocational high schools completed a baseline questionnaire and smokers were randomly assigned to one of the CBI conditions, which were presented serially three times, each approximately two months apart. Users were significantly more satisfied with the TTM than the ALA smoking cessation program (p < .05). There was a significant relationship of user satisfaction with Pros and Cons at session 1, and with Cons over all three CBI sessions (p < .05). The students' satisfaction with this TTM program, though not rated as high as possible, suggests that this stage of change CBI for smoking cessation should be studied within more complete multimedia presentations and over longer time. Other implications for future research are discussed.



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