Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Physical Education


Physical Education

First Advisor

J. R. Polidoro


The purpose of this study was to compare physical education majors, athletes, and non-majors/athletes with respect to psychological femininity and physical activity preferences. It was thought that perhaps the degree of a woman's psychological femininity would be reflected in the motivation for her participation in various types of physical activity. It was therefore hypothesized that 1) there would be significant differences between and among the three groups of women with respect to femininity scores, 2) there would be significant differences between and among the three groups of women with respect to physical activity preferences, and 3) there would be no significant correlations between psychological femininity scores and activity preferences in any of the three groups tested.

The 116 female subjects were administered the Gough Scale to measure degrees of psychological femininity and Kenyon's A.T.P.A. to discover motivations for physical activity. The scores obtained from both instruments were tabulated, means computed, and appropriate statistical analysis was carried out for each hypothesis.

The results of this study indicated that there was no significant difference found in the psychological femininity ratings of the three groups tested. The motivations for physical activity found were as follows: Athletes rated health and fitness and aesthetic experience significantly higher, as did the physical education majors and the non-majors/athletes. It was discovered also that athletes correlated aesthetic experience with femininity while non-majors/athletes correlate aesthetic experience with masculinity. Physical education majors correlate social experience with femininity while athletes associate it with masculinity, as well as catharsis.

The results of this study appear to contradict information previously reported in literature and research studies.



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