Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Psychology



First Advisor

John Stevenson


The increasing number of incarcerated women in the United States has created the necessity to better understand the needs of this population, so that successful correctional programs can be implemented. Programs that address these needs and are aimed at increasing relevant skills have been linked with program effectiveness. However, increasing skills alone is not enough. If these women leave prison without the necessary self-efficacy, it is likely that they will not attempt to perform these skills after release. The objective of this research was to develop a self-report questionnaire to measure self-efficacy in this population. The Self-Efficacy for Incarcerated Women (SIW) Scale yielded five coherent factors, representing different domains of self-efficacy: vocational, substance abuse treatment, relationship, release issues, and parenting. Ultimately, this scale could be used as one form of assessment for targeted intervention programs offered to female prisoners.



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