Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Manufacturing Systems Engineering


Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

First Advisor

Peter Dewhurst


An early cost estimation methodology for die cast components has been developed. It is intended for use by product designers before detailed drawings or prototypes have been produced. The purpose of this estimating method is to allow designers to quickly determine the costs of producing die cast components without the need for specific knowledge of the die casting process. This cost can then be used for comparison with other manufacturing methods. This estimation procedure will inevitably expand the designers awareness and knowledge of the die casting process.

The methodology developed requires only the input of parameters that are readily available to the designer at the early concept stage, such as material type and geometric characteristics.

Typical parameter values were assumed in many cases in order to approximate optimum processing conditions. The methodology includes estimation procedures for tooling costs and processing costs. A database of material properties and costs is also included. Estimates obtained by using the methodology were compared with industrial quotes. Statistical analyses of these comparisons indicate that reasonably accurate results were obtained.



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