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Master of Science in Pharmacy Administration


Pharmacy Administration

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Al Taubman


Multiple copy prescription laws have been implemented or proposed in several states to better track the distribution of drugs in Schedule II to the ultimate consumer. The states with such statutes report a 30 to 50 percent decrease in the number of Schedule II prescriptions written as well as a reduction in diversion of these drugs and forgeries. Risk factors were assessed for the effect of the Rhode Island Duplicate Prescription program on prescribers. A questionnaire was mailed to all prescribers (N=3016) registered with the Rhode Island Department of Health Division of Drug Control to prescribe Schedule II drugs. The response rate was approximately 22%. The response group was evaluated for demographics, prescribing history, perception of the impact of the law on prescribing, and knowledge of the law. Associations were determined between prescriber characteristics and two outcomes (effect of the Rhode Island duplicate prescription form on decision-making and therapeutic preference to choose an alternative drug to a clearly indicated Schedule II drug). Both the pre- and post-law groups were evaluated for the outcomes. Odds ratios were calculated for variables significant at the 0.15 level.

Risk factors which explain some of the variation of the outcomes are age, sex, primary professional degree, specialty practice, practice type, number of years licensed, issuance of Schedule II prescriptions, and knowledge of Division of Drug Control review of duplicate prescriptions for Schedule II.

Multivariate regression models were devised to evaluate prescribers for the risk of perceiving an effect of the form on decision-making and of choosing an alternative drug to a Schedule II. These models assist in identifying those prescribers at higher risk for a certain outcome.

It appears that education of the prescribers about the Rhode Island Duplicate Prescription Law, its purpose, its intent and its workings is needed.



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