Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Education (MSEd)



First Advisor

Frank M. Pelton


The purpose of this study was to investigate the possibility that professional guidance counselors were less likely than professional teachers to condemn students in counseling situations . This contention was based upon past experiences and personal observations that indicated that teachers were more apt to use condemnation than counselors as a technique to change student behavior in an individual counseling situation.

This problem was related to the value system of the professional person . A survey of the literature revealed some exploration in the general area of the relationship of the counselor ' s value system to the counseling situation . However , no specific research had been attempted in the area of condemnation.

An interview type study was attempted in this area, since this approach seemed to be the most effective method to use in order to get beyond the surface of the problem. The research instrument that was developed for this study consisted of a case problem, fifteen questions designed to elicit interviewee responses, and an information questionnaire to provide additional relevant background information. After a pilot study had been completed some minor modifications were made in the research instrument .

In keeping with the methods employed, a subjective evaluation rather than a statistical analysis was used in interpreting the results of the study . The responses of the interviewees, subjective in nature , suggested the following inferences:

1 . Both teachers and counselors appeared to be sensitive to the authority image of the school administration .

2. Teachers generally reacted in an authoritarian manner and counselors usually reacted in an understanding role .

3 . The counselors were less likely than the teachers to consider the boy in the problem situation lacking in moral fiber and character .

4. Guidance counselors appeared less ego protective than did the teachers during the interviews .

5 . The differences in attitudes exhibited by teachers and counselors during the interviews may be partially explained by their respective personality makeups and the type of training that each role requires for certification .



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