Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE)


Electrical, Computer, and Biomedical Engineering

First Advisor

Richard J. Vaccaro


This thesis develops a test platform for a control problem.

The inverted pendulum is selected as a well-established control problem. It is representative of an unstable nonlinear system which may remain balanced using any of several methods. Once balancing is achieved, multidimensional maneuvering is added as a supplemental control objective.

To approach the control problem hardware is selected which is then characterized and simulated, and then operated while communicating operational data.

The thesis provides a detailed description of the approaches to:

  • Selecting the hardware.
  • Characterizing the hardware.
  • Developing a functioning controller.
  • Simulating the results.

Additionally, a modular test platform is developed such that additional control approaches or characterization models could be implemented and hot-swapped. (77631 kB)
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