Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering


Chemical Engineering

First Advisor

Vincent Rose


Ea ch of five different size fractions of Chelex 100 ion- exchange resin was loaded with various amounts of copper . The weight mean diameters of the resin fractions were 478 , 250, 112, 56 , and 27 microns . The largest three fractions were commercially available as 50- 1 00, 100- 200 and 200- 400 mesh size respectively, while the two smallest fractions were prepared by grinding and air elutriating the smallest commercially available fraction (112 microns) .

The re s i n samples , loaded with t he copper , were t hen analyzed with x- ray fluorescence . Five calibration curves were obtained for the five resin sizes showing the amount of copper versus the fluorescent Cu Koc. intensity . These calibration curves show that the relationship between the radiation intensity and the copper concentration is linear for each size.

The relative effect of resin particle size on fluorescent intensity was shown graphically . The effect of particle size on x - ray fluorescence was small for particles greater than 250 microns and less than 60 microns . A critical region existed , however , between these two sizes where particle size had a significant influence on the x -ray intensity. The small particle intensity was much greater than the large particle intensity.



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