Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts in English



First Advisor

John Leo


With. the critical writings of Mikhail Bakhtin as a guide, this thesis attempts to not only illuminate a Joycean text, Ulysses, but also to examine the complexity of what constitutes textuality.

This essay will resituate Ulysses and will explicate and analyze passages which have as yet to be examined as integral parts of a literary puzzle. The cohesive element of the essay utilizes Bakhtin's categories of literary carnivalization, Parody, Reversals, Dualisms, Profanations, and Grotesque Realism, as they aid an expanded discussion of Ulysses as a dialogical text.

In order to indicate where/how my reading was going to expand the guidelines for future readings. I had to establish what the previous criticism was and in order to illustrate its limitations, I offer Bakhtin as a new model for Joycean literary criticism. The result is an explication of a body of work engaged in dialogue with itself, with the society that created it, and is an examination of a text's possible fictive limitations.



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