Textiles, Fashion Merchandising, and Design




Mrs. Elaine Grullón

Advisor Department

Textile, Fashion Merchandising and Design




fashion; sustainability; natural dyes; reusing; sewing


In a world where fashion is constantly changing, clothing constantly being produced, how do we help make the fashion industry a sustainable one? Through my research and multiple classes at the University of Rhode Island on sustainability in the fashion industry, I learned we do have the power to make a change. The fashion industry is one of the leading causes of pollution, so it must be able to have a big reverse impact if efforts are made to reduce this pollution. My project focuses on the dyeing process of fabrics. Many dyes contain harsh chemicals that pollute our oceans and air. Using natural dyes, which I experimented with using berries, can help solve this problem. In doing this project, I also realized that reusing fabrics to make clothing, and making clothing on your own, is an option to help reduce unsustainable practices. I hope my work will demonstrate how small changes can make a big difference, and creating clothing from what you already have is doable. I also researched other ways to create more sustainable practices in the fashion industry, and how we can all help make the clothing industry more environmentally friendly. Sustainability means generations to come can enjoy resources the way we do, and if we want that to be possible, we all need to make small changes now.