Second Major

Political Science


Salzarulo, Ann

Advisor Department

Communication Studies




anthology; racism; creative writing; social justice; poem; memoir


For far too long systemic racism has protected inequality and suffering in the United States, preaching that one’s worth and opportunities are determined by the color of their skin. Despite the foundational values of freedom and equality in the United States, the Black community continues to be killed and discriminated against in disturbingly disproportionate amounts to their peers, and is precisely 3.23 times more likely than Caucasians to be killed by police. “An Anthology on Human Suffering in America: Notes on Black Lives Matter'' was created with the intent to bring greater awareness to the racism and social injustices experienced by the black community in a peaceful, educational, inspiring, and powerful way that is accessible to all through the art of creative writing and self-expression. Initiated just after the murder of George Floyd in June of 2020, the anthology features over forty poignant and historical pieces from authors all over the United States motivated by this call to participate. Here they unleash unedited details of their own, personal experiences and thoughts on racism in the form of poetry, memoirs, short essays, and short stories with the hope that their words will empower and inspire Americans of all backgrounds and races to fulfill their civic responsibilities of fostering a truly free and equal nation for all.