A Story Told


Health Studies




Toatley, Sarah

Advisor Department

Honors Program




story; book; education

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Creative Commons License
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How do we educate our future generations about topics that are difficult to discuss? Oftentimes, children ask us questions that make us think, "How do I respond to this?" It is essential for our young generations to understand the history of racism, its present manifestations, and solutions and methods of action in order for a bright and revolutionary future. It is not always a simple task for children to comprehend such intricate topics. However, through text and pictures in storybooks, children can better grasp the concepts of such subject matter. "A Story Told" shares the story of young children in an elementary setting who face concerns around racism when coming into school on a day-to-day basis. Eight-year-old Olivia must encounter difficulties of being one of few children in her grade who appear to be different on the outside from her fellow classmates. Olivia tells the story of her family and educators, and brings light to her friends,classmates, and teachers about racism. As this story is framed around the elementary-aged audience, all members of society can learn something from it.