Supply Chain Management


Malloy, Liam

Advisor Department





Supply Chain Management; Logistics; Coronavirus


The outbreak of COVID-19 has had a colossal impact on the lives of people across the globe. Just like the lives of the people who have had to live through this pandemic, supply chains around the world have been disrupted and permanently changed as well. 94% of Fortune 1000 companies have experienced supply chain disruptions as a result of COVID-19. The effects of the pandemic on global supply chains has not gone unnoticed, as many people had to make adjustments in their shopping to account for items that are always expected to be available suddenly not being able to be purchased. This project focuses on exploring why supply chain networks were disrupted by the pandemic and the consequences these disruptions had on the companies as well as their customers. I analyze three global supply chain networks that were challenged greatly by the pandemic and break down why the supply chain broke down, how the supply chain network originally should have been set up to avoid the risk of breaking down, and how the company attempted to fix their logistics after the disruption. This analysis provides a deeper understanding of how to properly set up a supply chain network to avoid the risk of a disruption by researching these real world examples, as well as how supply chain management will change in the future as a result of the pandemic.