Biological Sciences


Kinesiology; Nutrition


Melanson, Kathleen

Advisor Department

Nutrition and Food Sciences




Nutrition; Athletes; Diet


This research project investigates the diets of various sport athletes at the University of Rhode Island. The question that this project aims to answer is if our athletes are meeting recommended daily values nutritionally, and if not, why? Research continues to grow regarding how performance implications are tied to varying nutritional disparities for athletes. Various studies show malnourishment leads to performance decline, increased injury risk, and improper recovery. This is influenced by factors such as deficits in caloric intake, macronutrient and micronutrient availability, and dehydration. For college athletes, a lack of food availability and nutritional knowledge leaves them especially predisposed to the implications of malnourishment for their sports. Across the nation, colleges are beginning to recognize this problem and address it through implementing nutrition stations. By collecting data of athletes on our campus, finding possible inconsistencies in nutrition may influence resource allotment for dietary programs. To study this, a group of athletes from the University of Rhode Island performed 24-hour nutritional recalls for days in which they had practice or competitions. Data was organized in Excel and ASA 24 was used to assess each recall. This recall not only screened for disparities in diet, but also asked the participants if they felt properly fueled for their activities, and if not, why? Prompts such as no nutritious food available, not enough time to eat, could not afford nutritious food, did not know what to eat, or other were given.