Philosophy; Business


Judith Swift

Advisor Department

Communication Studies




"Safety doesn't happen by accident."

- With the hope of inspiring real change at URI.


Emergency; Violence; Risk; Prevention; Response; Public Safety


DANIELLE BEATRICE (English; Philosophy; Business) URI and Its Students: A Contract for the Provision of a Safe Environment

Sponsor: Judith Swift (Communication Studies, Coastal Institute)

When students begin to attend college, they expect to be consumed with busy schedules, heavy workloads, and an exciting social life. Students do not anticipate being in dangerous situations. However, this does not mean that such situations do not occur. Therefore, it is essential to teach students to be active participants in educating themselves and their peers regarding prevention and response to emergency situations. My Honors Project aims to increase the awareness of safety-related issues at URI with a detailed analysis of why it is necessary to update policies and resources coupled with essential improvements needed to ensure a safer environment. I address existing issues on campus and discuss the strategies that can be implemented for improvement. Areas of focus include drug and alcohol abuse, violence and sexual assault, active shooter events, and public safety. Critical situations rely on informed decisions and fast response times; that is why it is essential to recognize, respond, and report dangers on and around campus. As an advocate on behalf of the student body, I believe that the URI community can enhance campus safety for everyone. Improving and maintaining campus safety requires a multidisciplinary approach employing strong communication and adherence to professionalism. My analysis prescribes solutions such as continually updating campus safety protocols and procedures and ensuring proper technology and readily available resources to better equip students in dangerous situations. The risk of psychological harm or physical injury on campus can be dramatically reduced with transparency and consistency, but it takes the entire community's participation.

Danielle Beatrice_Honors Thesis.pdf (2746 kB)
Honors Thesis Campus Safety

Data From 2020_21 Blue Light Walks.xlsx (8 kB)
Annual Emergency Blue Light Safety Data

ISE Solar Pedestrian Signage Spreadsheet4.xlsx (77 kB)
Pedestrian Solar Powered Safety Signage Spreadsheet