Beauvais, Laura [faculty advisor, College of Business Administration]




planning; time management; schedules; college


The University of Rhode Island has given me four outstanding years of an undergraduate experience. Throughout this time I have taken many classes, joined sports teams and clubs, and had jobs. In each of these opportunities I have had the pleasure of putting together numerous events as well as being a participant. As I began my journey of planning different functions, I ran into many problems, but more importantly found numerous solutions. However, the process was inefficient and required much time and effort. The system presently in place to help plan affairs was ineffective and rarely used. I found that in planning functions, I consistently was creating my own checklists and guidelines for each event with no concrete aid. It gradually came to my attention that I was not the only one, nor will I be the last student, to need help when event planning at URI. My solution was to compile an information guide, set of checklists, brochures, and other materials that other students at URI might utilize to plan events. This compilation of information constitutes my senior honors project. In brief, I interviewed individuals both on campus and in southern Rhode Island, asking them how they managed their time when planning affairs of any size.

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Research Findings

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Chamber of Commerce Invitation

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SEC Event Evaluation

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URI Memorial Student Union Brochure

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