LeBrun, Roger [faculty advisor, Department of Plant Sciences]




Newport; Rhode Island; Doris Duke; Historic Homes


The Newport Restoration Foundation was established in 1968 to acquire and restore eighteenth century residences in order to preserve the rapidly deteriorating but nonetheless rich architectural heritage of Newport. The foundation embarked on a fifteen year restoration project that renewed historically significant neighborhoods, once the home to sea captains, cabinetmakers and merchants that had become rundown and dilapidated. Doris Duke stepped in at a time when there was much political pressure to update and modernize. The purpose of my project is to create a study guide that could be used in a middle school or high school classroom to teach students about the history of Rhode Island, or more specifically, the history of Newport. The study guide contains a photograph of each house as well as a brief history of that house. As an accompaniment to this study guide, a paper was written that delves into the various architectural styles as well as a brief history of Newport and the Newport Restoration Foundation, established by Doris Duke. I chose to complete this project for many reasons. I live in the historic area in Newport and realized that I didn’t know much about the houses in my own neighborhood. I also wanted to be able to create a record of the history that these houses contain for future generations. I hope that my hard work in creating this study guide will help others to realize the rich history that comes from Newport and has been preserved through an ongoing effort established by Doris Duke.